Marriott - Autograph Collection

I am honored to have photographed The Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection, the newest jewel in town.

This legendary and complex building, combining #artdeco , #gothic and #byzantine architecture, is finally brought back to life in the very heart of #Bucharest and is now ready to take its guests on a unique time travel.

After a three-year long restoration and thorough work led by the Optim Project Management team, together with Cumulus Architecture Office, the hotel opened its doors for welcoming the first guests on Monday, August 9, 2021 – what a day to remember!

If in the mood for a treasure-hunt of Art Deco in the capital city, this iconic building is a must! Oh, and make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to taste the exquisite cocktails from the Vault – a bar like no other in Romania!

Mr. Harmen Silver, GM of the Marmorosch Blank hotel, has gracefully captured in words the most beautiful image of the future: “I would love this lobby to turn into the living room of Bucharest. It looks like a museum, but it’s not a museum. […] So this is really a building where people can live and enjoy, and party and drink, and have a good time.”